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Director's note



We are already in the second decade of the new millennium. To me, it's just like a timeframe. Acknowledgement and the managing shifting paradigms with the assistance of the enormous leaps of technology, form the necessity of the moment. In my humble opinion there are not much truths in the field of management. Excellent suitable theories of these days aretomorrow antiquated, not to speak about the day after tomorrow.

Forced by the intense competition and the increasing assertiveness and the constantly ambitious and higher requirements of the consumer of products and services organizations has to cut down their time to response. Prove or perish is the order of the day.

Meeting and measuring of the new challenges is the most important function of the manager of today.

Realizing this, require very keen perception, flexibility and the ability to change management theories into action plans. The secret is to consider things from a global perspective, while at the same time be keenly perceptive about local circumstances. Therefore it is not necessary to mention that today's managers should be armed with the latest technology and be sensitive to the importance of ethical and human values. Hereby the human being is central.

The regular trade union courses of our training institute are drafted to provide workers in general and trade union members in particular with knowledge and insight regarding trade union organizations, the task and the role of trade unionism in socio-economic events, nationally, regionally and internationally, in order that they become motivated to make a positive constribution, both individually and collectively, for a dynamic development of trade unionism and society. These courses are adapted regularly. Besides the above mentioned courses, the suriname labour college, SIVIS, also conducts a number of other courses, seminar & conference on various subjects.

The Suriname Labour College aims to provide access to education and awareness raising for all Surinamese people, particularly employees and carries as core values: collaboration, innovation, determination, integrity and Service

Let it be my privilege to welcome you with appropriate pride in the world of the suriname labour college, SIVIS.

Victor F C Jones M.A

Director, Suriname Labour College



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