50 jaar Vakbonds educatie in Suriname


Suriname Labour Colege, SIVIS is an organization with the best customer service and education based on the social economic processes, nationally and internationally, for a dynamic development of society


Suriname Labour College, SIVIS committed as educational and knowledge centre for Suriname aims to provide education and knowledge accessible to all Surinamese, especially the working class.

Core values

Collaboration, Innovation, Determination, Integrity and Service


To provide workers in general and trade union members in particular with knowledge and insight regarding trade union organizations, the task and the role of trade unionism in socio-economic events, nationally, regionally and internationally, in order that they become motivated to make a positive constribution, both individually and collectively, for a dynamic development of trade unionism and society.

The daily management of the Suriname Labour College is entrusted to the director, who is also in charge of the training activities.

Contact us

Address: Arabistraat 7 - Geyersvlijt - Suriname
Phone: +597 450052 / +597 459336 / +597 459332
Fax: +597 452992
Email: sivis2013@gmail.com